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Caroline Casey.

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Caroline W. Studied astrology since , full time practice since Joanne Castro. Joanne consults, teaches, lectures and writes. She can be reached at jocat aol. David Cochrane. David Cochrane has made over free tutorial astrology videos on an enormous range of topics. David is also a software developer, researcher, author, and speaker. David specializes in Vibrational Astrology. He has conducted research that refines our understanding of zodiac signs and aspects between planets.

Cathy Coleman. Priscilla Costello. Priscilla Costello, M. CAAE, is a counselling astrologer, writer, and speaker with a professional practice spanning over 35 years. Website: priscillacostello. Armand Diaz.

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Armand Diaz, Ph. Separating Aspects , his most recent book, is about relationship astrology. Armand can be reached via his website, ArmandDiaz.

David Palmer "The Leo King" and Teal Swan Interview about the Astrology of the New Age

Adam Elenbaas. Adam holds an M. A in Creative Non-Fiction Writing.

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Adam teaches courses on Hellenistic astrology, Yoga Philosophy, and Horary Astrology, and is an aspiring disciple of the Gaudiya Vaishnav tradition of Bhakti yoga. You can check out his daily horoscopes and video blogs at www. Meira Epstein. Meira Epstein is a professional certified astrologer. Private practice. An extended parallel career as a computer programmer-analyst. She has written astrological articles as well as 4 books. She also teaches at The International Academy of Astrology. Maurice White. Maurice currently serves as the president of The Organization of Professional Astrology OPA offering pioneering programs for astrologers.

He directs a professional diploma program with students from across the world. Demetra George. Demetra George M.

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Classics is a pioneering mythic-archetypal astrologer, who studies and translates Greek astrological texts, as well as the transmission of classical doctrines into the Arabic and Medieval worlds. Recipient of the Regulus Award, her work provides the keys to understanding all forms of traditional astrology. Rebecca Gordon. As a regular guest on the Dr. Oz show, she speaks on the intersection of astrology and health. With the same interdisciplinary approach, Rebecca has brought astrology to companies from Vayner Media to Adobe with a focus on better understanding one another, team building and business through astrology.

She launched a year round curriculum in that is always evolving and is training astrologers across the globe today.

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Website: mypathastrology. Kitty Hatcher. She has been a professional astrologer for over forty years and is known internationally as a teacher, lecturer, and consultant. Kitty has appeared on radio and television and has written columns for magazines, newspapers and Internet publications.

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Arlene Nimark. However, I have to recognize that he also likely had the kind of mind that was determined to explore his own world of weird rather than go along with the crowd. Elsewhere I have established that Dane Rudhyar could not read his own chart, but we shall not dismiss his writing for so trivial a reason. Eileen McCabe. Not travel.

She has a unique way of combining astrology with psychology, motivation, common sense and global trends. Kitty may be reached at kittyhatcher comcast. Madalyn Hillis-Dineen. Madalyn Hillis-Dineen has taught, lectured and practiced Uranian or Symmetrical Astrology techniques for over 35 years.

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Website: capecodastrologer. Suzy Holbrook. Suzy serves as a bridge between pediatric medicine and astrology, incorporating ancient wisdom and modern science to help patients explore effective treatment options in a holistic, client-centered manner. She has studied autism extensively and will present her findings on the archetypical expressions inherent in the condition.

Website: suzyholbrook. Baris Ilhan. Baris Ilhan, C. Teaches, writes, lectures regularly. A researcher on Ottoman and Islamic astrology. Jacqueline Janes. Additionally, Jacqueline loves sharing her knowledge and experience with new and advanced astrologers through lectures and workshops. One of the great things about the internet is the freedom of speech that it allows, so unfortunately this demeaning terminology will probably remain on that website.

But perhaps we should just try to look beyond that and see the valuable service provided by the Astrology Centre of America and David Roell in making these books easily available. Perhaps a reader could enlighten me. The Huber method is up there with the best of them and in my opinion is a much more useful tool into the psyche of the individual than any other system. In other words if you want to know yourself in depth study Huber. I have personally struggled with the Age Progression method which is probably more about me than the system.

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If any one knows away out of this malaise please help me? God Bless Steve. Hi Steve, I have just read your comment that your struggle with the Age Progression has stopped your study of the Diploma Course. I have been studying the Diploma Course for a couple of years and if I can be of any help or would like to discuss the Age Progression further pleas feel free to email me.

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Hart Larrabee. The Little Book of Astrology. Marion Williamson. Neil Somerville. Moonology Diary Yasmin Boland. Old Moore's Almanac Francis Moore. Astrology For The Soul. Jan Spiller. The Stars within You. Juliana Mccarthy. Carole Taylor. Raphael's Ephemeris Edwin Raphael.